Our Hatchery is equipped with Petersime Incubators and Hatchery machines.  Our facility is capable of producing 100,000 Day old Broiler chicks weekly.

Broiler Farm

Our Broiler farm consists of 48 Lohmann Broiler Rearing Sheds which are environmentally controlled.  Each shed has a capacity of 20,000 birds and is divided into 5 broiler farms. Each farm contains 8 -10 sheds for the production of 5 million broilers annually. 

Slaughter House

Our Slaughter house is equipped with semi-automatic machinery from Marel of Holland.  Our processing plant has a capacity of 2000 broiler birds per hour on which slaughtering is done by Muslim hands according to Islamic Rites.

Layer Farm

Our Egg Layering Farm consist of six layer sheds with a capacity of 75 thousand layering hens to produce 16 million Fresh Table Eggs annually.